Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is having your website show at the top of the results page of search engines like Google or Bing. The search engines generate search results where web content and pages are ranked based on what the engines consider relevant to users. Unlike the search ads, there is no payment involved.

If you are a business owner, you want your website to be found and visible through the search engines. That is why you have to go for search engine optimization and find ways to leverage the scheme to drive more leads and ultimately, sales and profit.

At this information era, most people go for the internet to search for things. That is why traffic to your website is powerful for your business. For instance, you sell refurbished gadgets. You may prefer that your company shows up every time someone types “refurbished gadgets” into a search engine than putting your company on a billboard because the people who search for your item may have an intention to buy.

Aside from those searching directly for “refurbished gadgets,” there are people also searching for things loosely pertinent to your business. They give more chances to connect with those who help answer their questions. Customers who are ready to buy refurbished gadgets rather buy from a trusted resource who provide valuable information each time they search the internet for a problem, rather than those they never heard of.

How a search engine works

SEO search results are very dynamic. For example, Google updates a lot of how it ranks websites by way of various names. Recently, many of the cheapest and easiest ways to get websites to rank in the search results are becoming riskier because Google has a complex algorithm. The search engine looks for pages containing relevant and high-quality content about a person’s query. It determines the relevance by reading the content of your website and assessing if your content is pertinent to what the searcher is looking for based on keywords.

Google determines a website’s quality in several ways. For example, if my “refurbished gadgets” website is linked to sites with blogs no one else has linked to, and your website about gadgets frequently links to prominent sites like Business Insider and is assumed to have a higher quality, people will have more trust to your site than mine.

For SEO, Google also considers mobile friendliness, unique contents, loading speed and a lot more. People should also be more engaged to your site where they find information and really stay, rather than just see your website listed in the search results but never click on it. Google considers a lot of factors in responding to searching, and it is constantly fine-tuning the process.

Outsourcing your SEO

Now that you know that search engine optimization is extremely important for your business, you may do it yourself or hire a specialist. Fortunately, there are many choices if you go for the latter. Outsourcing search engine optimization can leave you enough time to do what you are good at – managing your business. Leave the website rankings and traffic issue to our company. Whether yours is a small, medium or a large business, we provide affordable SEO solutions for you.